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Professional Corporate Portrait in Colorado

Need a new headshot?

Nothing will revamp the look of your business and marketing material than a new, quality executive portrait. Good looking images enhance your brand recognition and trust, and bring new flare to your online and social media presence. This is where Headshots by Nathan Welton comes in.

We specialize in creating dynamic, powerful and graphic business portraits for your company. Use them on LinkedIn, Facebook, your marketing materials, business cards, annual reports, catalogs, brochures, press releases, and anywhere else you wish to establish your presence. Our headshots are licensed to you for any use you want. You don’t have to negotiate fees for individual uses; we shoot and deliver, and you design your ads.

Our goal is to reflect your branding and the first impressions you want to make. For example, if you’re the CEO of an outdoor firm, we might shoot in Boulder’s foothills, using the gear your company makes. If you run a printing firm, maybe we’ll shoot where your presses are. For wealth managers, we try to achieve a calm self-assured and confident look. For doctors, we strive to make your images look as personable as possible. Portraits for lawyers look dynamic, engaging and enthusiastic. In a nutshell, the images we create are designed to make your clients react in the most positive way possible.

Realtor Portrait in Boulder, Colorado

A painless portable studio

We have a light and fast approach, which means minimal fuss for you. We do our on-location executive portraits and corporate head shots at your office. We will arrive early, set up a mini studio somewhere with some extra space that’s out of the way, and shuffle your employees through it in an extremely timely and efficient manner. The result is you get the best photos in the quickest possible manner. We use professional grade Canon cameras and lenses.

Our main focus is on Denver businesses, but we also serve executives, lawyers, and doctors in Boulder, Fort Collins, and other cities up and down the Colorado Front Range. If your company needs some stellar business photography, call now for a free quote.

We are based in Estes Park, which is 90 minutes from downtown Denver. As a result, unfortunately we have a minimum of 5 headshots in Denver. However, because Boulder is closer, we can sometimes waive this requirement for businesses that are closer to home.

Our corporate portrait sessions will be quick, but at the same time will be fun and low key so that you feel relaxed and appear friendly and approachable in your pictures. We offer a same-day, on-site turnaround option, and can deliver the images on CD at the end of your shoot. We will offer coaching so you will look your best and project confidence in your portraits.

Environmental business picture

Environmental portraits

We also offer environmental portraits, which are distinctly different than our headshots. They are designed to be unique, so we will photograph you with varying backdrops — from the Colorado mountain skyline to the inside of a computer server room. Environmental portraits are key to impressing your clients and competition, so we make the most of your corporate atmosphere and business offices and locations. No two business are alike, so means no two photos should be.

We strive to collaborate with you to create images that suit your branding goals, are unique and diverse, yet still fit in with your current image libraries. At the end of the day, distinct imagery and brand reputation is what drives a business forward in this fast-paced market. In short, executive portraits play a major part in marketing and advertising. Corporate photography can be key to the growth of your business.

If your company needs an updated image library of its employees, please let us know. We offer volume discounts for large shoots. Be sure to mention the number of people who need a photo in your inquiry form.

Our images have been used around the world, from camera company advertisements to image libraries of wealth management firms, realtors, doctors, and more. Give us a ring today and let us brainstorm with you about your needs.